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"RT @NealKarlinsky: SF police--@SFPDBikeTheft--are luring thieves w/ GPS equipped bait bikes. It's kind of awesome. Our story: http://t.co/e1r6vsQXBl"
"Bike Thieves Busted http://t.co/VneeGlWgyW"
"RT @BaitBike1: Bait Bike operation scheduled for next week in the Bay Area. Will tweet live updates as the action unfolds. Starting Tuesday…"
"RT @ABCWorldNews: More people are commuting via bicycle, but your bike is 4 times as likely to get stolen as your car. @NealKarlinsky has m…"
"RT @NealKarlinsky: On @ABCWorldNews, why SF police want thieves to steal their bikes & why arrest is almost guaranteed. @SFPDBikeTheft http…"
"USAHeadlines 5 ways bike thieves are walking away with your ride http://t.co/KnEMc96Bfj"
2 days ago
"RT @TeeFriz: @SFPDBikeTheft this bike got stolen out of the locked shed in our locked garage this morning. Case #140-683-677. http://t.co/A…"
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"RT @mibeertours: I helped fund the Detroit Bait Bike and you should too! Check it out. https://t.co/ifqfjI5KKo @BaitBike"
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"RT @Gary_Fisher: In short time bike theft will go way down. RT @ModeoLLC: @stolenbikessfo @SFPDBikeTheft The iTroll ... http://t.co/4ZauYObhttp://t.co/4ZauYObVvE"
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"RT @ModeoLLC: The iTroll has been recovered! Thanks so much to @SFPDBikeTheft and @stolenbikessfo! You guys are amazing resources! http://t…"
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We at BaitBike.com would like to design a few new caps and T-Shirts for our friends and supporters. While we have come up with several new slogans, we thought that it might be fun to get our supporters involved. So, we have decided to have a contest to see what creative slogans you can come up with. We will decide the winner, or winners, and if we decide to use your slogan, you will get a free cap and T-shirt. The slogan should be less than 6 words in length as it must fit on the cap.

Below is our current cap design. The new slogan would replace “Catching Bike Thieves In The Act.” The funnier, the better, and don’t worry about keeping your suggestions clean. We don’t have anyone that we need to impress, and we don’t mind offending people either. Political correctness is for pussies. See what we mean?

Please email your suggestions to Jason Cecchettini no later than Saturday August 17th.

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Caught Red Handed is exciting, unscripted, true reality TV. BaitBike.com’s Jason Cecchettini and Manny Leon take viewers on a wild ride into the real world of bicycle theft. We utilize high-end bicycles equipped with hidden tracking devices and leave them in areas that have had significant problems with not only bike theft, but residential burglaries, shoplifting, and other such property crimes.  Our intent is to capture the real trouble-makers, not simple petty thieves of opportunity.  Every theft is unique and sometimes the criminals themselves are quite entertaining.



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With the assistance of BaitBike.com’s Jason Cecchettini, Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero and the I-Squad bait and track a couple of laptop computer thieves. Can you say “BUSTED”?

On February 10, 2012 Inside Edition featured Pegasus Technologies CEO Jason Cecchettini catching bike theives in the act. Check it out.

Chris Hansen goes under cover as a bike messenger pulls out a pair of bolt cutters and steals a bike; he accompanies the police as they track down thieves using high-tech tracking devices; and a bike dealer who thinks they’re trying to sell him a stolen bike goes after Chris Hansen – it’s the most explosive confrontation of Hansen’s career.

Ride along with BaitBike.com as our bait bike is stolen and then tracked down and recovered. The Sacramento Police Department does an outstanding job locating the bad guy, and then taking him to jail.

On September 20, 2010 Inside Edition featured Pegasus Technologies CEO Jason Cecchettini catching bike theives in the act. Read the whole story here.

By Rob Young/Appeal-Democrat
April 11, 2007 – 11:52PM

Seven alleged Yuba City bicycle thieves didn’t know it, but they were sitting on a high-tech law enforcement tool that led to their arrest.

Using a high-tech tracking device manufactured by a Sacramento firm, officers arrested six adults and one juvenile for grand theft over a three-day period in early April, Yuba City police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey said Wednesday.

The Police Department borrowed the Pegasus Technologies Inc. tracking system for a three-day trial run at no cost, said Pavey.

The bait, said company President Jason Cecchettini, was a “flashy,” popular bike model. According to police, the bike was left at various places around town, including Wal-Mart and the intersection of Plumas and Bridge streets.

Although police revealed little about how the tracking system works, a transmitter is concealed within the bicycle and is activated when the bike is moved. Officers can detect the signal from their cars or with hand-held receivers, according the company’s Web site.

Arrested during the sting were: Jaime Martin, 27; Vyacheslav Zeitlin; Timothy Fesmire Sr., 40; Erich Hoff, 36; Charles Kessler, 59; Victor Caneda; and a 17-year-old male whose name was not released because of his age.

While bicycle theft may not be Yuba City’s top crime problem, the Police Department is considering using the tracking system “in a similar manner in the near future” – possibly to help quell vehicle burglaries, Pavey hinted.

Cecchettini said numerous police departments around the country use the bicycle and other Pegasus Technologies tracking systems, including a number of police departments on college campuses where bicycle theft is a major problem.

While car owners can install anti-theft tracking devices on their cars, owners of expensive bikes cannot buy the Pegasus system because it uses a radio frequency available only to police, said Cecchettini.

“There is no frequency for bikes,” he said.

April 3, 2007
Yuba City, California

On the afternoon of April 3, 2007, the bait bike was deployed in front of WalMart in Yuba City, CA. After approximately one hour, the bike was stolen. Yuba City police officers tracked the bike to Taco Bell on Bridge Street where a white male adult was seen riding the bait bike accompanied by two white male juveniles on two other bikes. All three subjects were detained by officers and after investigating the incident, the adult and his 14 year old son were both arrested and booked into Jail. The second juvenile was released. Surveillance cameras caught the incident on video, portions of which are shown below.