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BaitBike tweets

"See what happens to bicycles AFTER they are stolen in Portland OR. Tomorrow night on Inside Edition. BaitBikes in action."
"Portland PD says this guy is a main player in the local bike theft epidemic. They were happy to take him down."
"3 days in Portland with Lisa Guerrero, Inside Edition and Portland Police. 1 bait bike stolen, 2 bad guys in jail."
"Bait Bike stolen last night from a home in Sacramento City. Sac Sheriff's deputies helped track and recover it in the city. Thanks guys!"
"Last Friday's TV show "Hot Pursuit" is now available to view online!"

SFPD Tweets

"Found bike: Blk Specialized Allez. DM with serial # or other identifying features if you believe it belongs to you or someone you know."
146 days ago
"Happy National Doughnut Day! Ride safe this weekend!"
150 days ago

Our mission at is to show how law enforcement agencies use technology to outsmart the bad guys and put criminals in jail.  We hope to inspire others to do the same. is owned and operated by Pegasus Technologies, Inc. of Sacramento California. Pegasus designs and manufactures stolen vehicle tracking systems and other electronic tracking technologies for law enforcement use. Visit for more information on Pegasus Technologies, Inc.

Pegasus makes its Bait Bike and Stolen Property Tracking Systems available on a trial basis, free of charge, to law enforcement agencies throughout northern CA so that they can experience the benefits of using this technology to capture these otherwise elusive criminals. Interested law enforcement agencies should contact Jason Cecchettini at Pegasus Technologies, Inc. for more information.