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"See what happens to bicycles AFTER they are stolen in Portland OR. Tomorrow night on Inside Edition. BaitBikes in action."
"Portland PD says this guy is a main player in the local bike theft epidemic. They were happy to take him down."
"3 days in Portland with Lisa Guerrero, Inside Edition and Portland Police. 1 bait bike stolen, 2 bad guys in jail."
"Bait Bike stolen last night from a home in Sacramento City. Sac Sheriff's deputies helped track and recover it in the city. Thanks guys!"
"Last Friday's TV show "Hot Pursuit" is now available to view online!"

SFPD Tweets

"RT @VisionZeroSF: A better, safer Market Street is coming and we couldn't be happier! @sfbike @sfmta_muni https://t…"
about 1 hour ago
"Found bike: Blk Specialized Allez. DM with serial # or other identifying features if you believe it belongs to you or someone you know."
147 days ago


On the evening of May 23rd, 2002 at approximately 9:30PM the bait bike was left in the back of a pick up truck parked in an apartment complex located in Sacramento County North Central Division, Zone 3. This area was chosen due to a rash of vehicle burglaries that had occurred at this apartment complex within the previous three weeks. Three and a half hours later at 1:00AM on May 24th, the bike was stolen from the back of the truck. This movement activated the ProAct-IV tracking device hidden within the bicycle. The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department immediately began to track the bait bike’s signal and followed it to a house located approximately one mile from where the bike was stolen. While deputies were parked in front of the house waiting for back-up to arrive, a white male adult exited the house and stood on the front porch. Deputies detained the subject and utilized a portable UV Light Source to check the subject’s hands for the presence of clue spray. The palms of both of his hands fluoresced bright orange from the clue spray on the handgrips of the bait bike. The amount of clue spray on his hands indicated that he had ridden the bike for some distance. The suspect was arrested and booked for 487 P.C. Grand Theft. The suspect admitted that he had stolen the bicycle.   

On March 13, 2002 at approximately 10:30 AM the bait bike was parked in front of the Target store located at 1919 Fulton Ave. At 3:30 PM that same day, an unknown person stole the bike which activated the ProAct-IV transmitter hidden within the bike. The transmitter’s tracking signal was immediately picked up by several Sacramento Sheriff’s Department patrol vehicles which followed the signal to a house located about one mile from the Target store. The bicycle was located and recovered from within this house. One female adult was arrested and booked for possession of stolen property after telling deputies that a guy she knew had just stolen the bike from Target. No male subject was located.

The following day, March 14, 2002 the bait bike was again parked in front of the same Target store. At 1:00 PM that day, Target security videotaped one female adult as she got onto the bike and rode off toward the back of the store. This movement immediately activated the ProAct-IV tracking device within the bicycle. A second adult female in a car met up with the thief behind the store, they put the bike into the back of the vehicle and drove off. Again, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department tracked the signal and within 15 minutes had narrowed the location of the stolen bike to within one building of a large apartment complex about three miles from the Target store. Using hand held tracking receivers, the deputies were able to pinpoint the apartment that contained the stolen bicycle and it was recovered as the two females were attempting to dismantle it. Both subjects were arrested and booked for 487 P.C. Grand Theft. Both suspects admitted to the theft.