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"See what happens to bicycles AFTER they are stolen in Portland OR. Tomorrow night on Inside Edition. BaitBikes in action."
"Portland PD says this guy is a main player in the local bike theft epidemic. They were happy to take him down."
"3 days in Portland with Lisa Guerrero, Inside Edition and Portland Police. 1 bait bike stolen, 2 bad guys in jail."
"Bait Bike stolen last night from a home in Sacramento City. Sac Sheriff's deputies helped track and recover it in the city. Thanks guys!"
"Last Friday's TV show "Hot Pursuit" is now available to view online!"
SFPD Tweets
"RT @SFPD: How are you getting home? Make the right choice. Start #NewYears off right. Don't drink and drive. @sfmta_muni @AAAnews @SFBARTab…"
18 days ago
"RT @SFSAFE: A big thank you to Officers Barreneche and Mansfield from @SFPDTaraval for giving a helping hand to a family in their district…"
21 days ago
"RT @SFPD: Celebrate Responsibly Today! Don't Drink and Drive. Get Home Safely! #SFPD"
24 days ago
"RT @SFPD: How are you getting home? Make the right choice. Enjoy your holiday with family, not handcuffs. Don't drink and drive. @sfmta_mun…"
56 days ago

On September 20, 2010 Inside Edition featured Pegasus Technologies CEO Jason Cecchettini catching bike theives in the act. Read the whole story here.

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