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"See what happens to bicycles AFTER they are stolen in Portland OR. Tomorrow night on Inside Edition. BaitBikes in action."
"Portland PD says this guy is a main player in the local bike theft epidemic. They were happy to take him down."
"3 days in Portland with Lisa Guerrero, Inside Edition and Portland Police. 1 bait bike stolen, 2 bad guys in jail."
"Bait Bike stolen last night from a home in Sacramento City. Sac Sheriff's deputies helped track and recover it in the city. Thanks guys!"
"Last Friday's TV show "Hot Pursuit" is now available to view online!"
SFPD Tweets
"RT @VisionZeroSF: A better, safer Market Street is coming and we couldn't be happier! @sfbike @sfmta_muni https://t…"
2 hours ago
"Found bike: Blk Specialized Allez. DM with serial # or other identifying features if you believe it belongs to you or someone you know."
147 days ago

On Wednesday July 24th 2002 the bait bike was placed at California State University, Sacramento. The bike was locked to a bicycle rack across from the bookstore when at 7:20PM someone cut the cable that was securing the bike. This action activated the ProAct-IV Tracking Device on the bike. Within two minutes a Pegasus representative drove by the bike rack and noticed several people leaving the area on bicycles, however, the bait bike was still in place. Assuming that the activation was accidental, the transmitter was reset. At that point, the Pegasus representative noticed that the cable had been cut so he immediately left the area, leaving the bike in place. Approximately 20 minutes later, the bike was stolen, again activating the hidden tracking device. The Pegasus representative tracked the signal to a parking lot about 250 yards from where the bike was stolen and witnessed a male adult placing the bike into the trunk of his vehicle. As he began to drive away, he was stopped by the CSUS Police Department who initiated a felony vehicle stop. The suspect was arrested and booked for 487 P.C. Grand Theft. In addition to the bait bike, one additional bicycle was recovered from within the vehicle. It was later determined that this bicycle had recently been stolen from American River College. The suspect told officers that he and a friend were working as a team to steal bicycles. He stated that his friend would cut the locks off and then he would come by and take the bikes.

2 Responses to Bike Theft at Sac State

  • Thurston Hunger II says:

    I had a red Novara Divano with an aluminum rack helmet and left black and silver pannier bag stolen 7/17/12 from a redwood tree in front of Napa Hall.
    Filed a police report, submitted serial #, checked with Sac City PD, report does get propagated to them, but I still had to walk home and am out the cost of a nearly $900 road bike. The most I ever spent on a bike.

  • Thurston Hunger II says:

    I had a red Novara Divano with white lettering an aluminum blackburn rack and a left side silver/black pannier bag stolen from a redwood tree in front of Napa Hall 7/17/2012 between noon and 5 pm.
    It was locked with a braided cable lock (no padlock).
    Filed a CSUS Police report and submitted serial #, checked with Sac City PD and the description and report do propagate to them as a stolen bicycle report.
    I had to walk home and am out the nearly $900 it cost. First time I’ve bought a new bike and the most I’ve ever paid for one. I don’t think I can stay here comfortably anymore.

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