Most of the technology used on the bicycles of is designed and manufactured by Pegasus Technologies, Inc. of Sacramento California. While most of the equipment is specifically designed for law enforcement use, we have recently partnered with Integrated Trackers to bring a bicycle-specific GPS tracking device to the general public. If you are a private citizen and are interested in a tracking device for your own bicycle, and don’t mind paying about $150 for such, then please visit our parent site:

Can’t justify the cost of our GPS Bicycle Locator? For the majority of people, the best solution would actually be to invest in a good bicycle lock. Do a little online research and buy the best lock that you can afford, and then use it EVERY TIME your bike is not in your direct control. That means locking your bicycle to something immovable even when it is in your garage. There are a LOT of bikes stolen from peoples’ garages. ALSO, make sure that you retain a record of the serial numbers stamped into the frame of your bike so that you can report this to police if it is stolen. A digital photograph of the bike and serial numbers would be great. Many agencies also recommend that you engrave your driver’s license number into the frame.

If your bike is stolen, report it to the police and register it at Most police departments have a huge pile of recovered bicycles that they have to auction off every few months because they simply are unable to track down the owners. Don’t let your bike become one of these.

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