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"Recently spoke with security at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Of 40+ bike thefts, not one was using a U-Lock. All had cable locks. Buy a U-Lock!"
"Chilling audio of attempted home invasion robbery. Phoenix widow shoots bad guy while on the phone with 911."
"RT @SacPolice: Bait-bike arrest 1400 block of 22nd St - Sus James Powers, 34, booked for VOP/burg tools/stolen prop @SacPd_BikeUnit http://…"
"RT @SacPd_BikeUnit: “@sacbike: @SacPolice's bait bike program is producing results! THANK YOU! @SacPolice"
"What NBC didn't show was two punks leaving the house before we knocked on the door. It's very unfortunate that nobody went to jail."

SFPD Tweets

"RT @kate_opena: @SFPDBikeTheft any of these bikes belong to anyone? near homeless camp at Hampshire st between army and 26th st…"
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"RT @Seattle_NC: Police: Bait bike proves too tempting for easy-to-catch thieves: If there's two things the Olympia Police Depa... http://t."
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"RT @alunny: @SFPDBikeTheft my linus roadster 8 speed was stolen from a break-in to my garage in NOPA - serial no #LIE050340…"
"RT @elzapatista: Bianchi Via Nirone Dama 7 - STOLEN from our Mission apt. Thx @SFPDBikeTheft @SFSAFE @stolenbikessfo 4 givin' me hope! http…"
"great thank you"


Jason got to spend some time in San Francisco with the Today show.

Caught Red Handed is exciting, unscripted, true reality TV.’s Jason Cecchettini and Manny Leon take viewers on a wild ride into the real world of bicycle theft. We utilize high-end bicycles equipped with hidden tracking devices and leave them in areas that have had significant problems with not only bike theft, but residential burglaries, shoplifting, and other such property crimes.  Our intent is to capture the real trouble-makers, not simple petty thieves of opportunity.  Every theft is unique and sometimes the criminals themselves are quite entertaining.

Chris Hansen goes under cover as a bike messenger pulls out a pair of bolt cutters and steals a bike; he accompanies the police as they track down thieves using high-tech tracking devices; and a bike dealer who thinks they’re trying to sell him a stolen bike goes after Chris Hansen – it’s the most explosive confrontation of Hansen’s career.

Ride along with as our bait bike is stolen and then tracked down and recovered. The Sacramento Police Department does an outstanding job locating the bad guy, and then taking him to jail.

On September 20, 2010 Inside Edition featured Pegasus Technologies CEO Jason Cecchettini catching bike theives in the act. Read the whole story here.

April 3, 2007
Yuba City, California

On the afternoon of April 3, 2007, the bait bike was deployed in front of WalMart in Yuba City, CA. After approximately one hour, the bike was stolen. Yuba City police officers tracked the bike to Taco Bell on Bridge Street where a white male adult was seen riding the bait bike accompanied by two white male juveniles on two other bikes. All three subjects were detained by officers and after investigating the incident, the adult and his 14 year old son were both arrested and booked into Jail. The second juvenile was released. Surveillance cameras caught the incident on video, portions of which are shown below.