BaitBike tweets

"RT @SacPolice: RT @SFPDBikeTheft: @SacPd_BikeUnit has the right idea great cops who are working hard to prevent bike theft"
"Recently spoke with security at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Of 40+ bike thefts, not one was using a U-Lock. All had cable locks. Buy a U-Lock!"
"Chilling audio of attempted home invasion robbery. Phoenix widow shoots bad guy while on the phone with 911."
"RT @SacPolice: Bait-bike arrest 1400 block of 22nd St - Sus James Powers, 34, booked for VOP/burg tools/stolen prop @SacPd_BikeUnit http://…"
"RT @SacPd_BikeUnit: “@sacbike: @SacPolice's bait bike program is producing results! THANK YOU! @SacPolice"

SFPD Tweets

"RT @vedhed21: @SFPDBikeTheft @SFPDCentral oh, we know. and it's much appreciated. But yeah. Bummer. she was my baby.…"
3 hours ago
"Out at fell/Masonic in the panhandle with a @santacruzbikes downhill bike. Owner is a thief help me find real owner"
4 hours ago
"RT @SFPDPark: Our community meeting is at 6:30 PM in the community room at Park station 1899 Waller St., plz join us"
7 hours ago
"Ppl ask all the time about vehicle burglaries. Many Bike thieves commit vehicle burglaries, arresting these guys are one in the same"
"Hoa's in SF should periodically review security equipment for positioning and clarity. Higher a professional if you are unsure cc @SFSAFE"



Bait Bike


The Bait

A Bait Bike is a relatively valuable bicycle equipped with a hidden tracking device and utilized by law enforcement to catch thieves. The value of the bicycle exceeds the minimum dollar amount required for felony classification, making the theft of a bait bike a rather serious offense. This bait bike is left unattended where bicycles tend to get stolen, or where other theft crimes have recently occurred. When the bait bike is stolen, the tracking device automatically alerts police to the theft. Police then track and recover the stolen bike and take the thief, or thieves, to jail.

Tracking Solutions

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative tracking solutions for law enforcement agencies as well as automotive security providers worldwide. Our law enforcement tracking solutions, while most commonly used on bait bicycles, can also be utilized to “bait” other property that is commonly stolen such as portable generators, power tools, copper wire and pipe, and various electronics such as iPads and laptop computers. Our solutions are not simply GPS trackers commonly found on the internet. Bait bikes, as well as other bait property, have unique requirements that vanilla GPS trackers simply cannot fulfill. Our solutions are designed with these unique law enforcement requirements in mind, and then tested on our own bait bikes, working in cooperation with our own local law enforcement agencies. Pegasus also offers customized tracking solutions and installation into unique property for specific applications. In addition, we offer custom tracking services for investigative media organizations.

Law Enforcement and Security Professionals…

Due to the covert nature of our tracking solutions, we purposely limit the information that we make available online. If you are a law enforcement or security professional, please contact Jason Cecchettini for more detailed information on our tracking solutions.